Monday, January 28, 2013

What is the best iPAD cover

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007 - 6' Spice - Engineered Strand Woven - Ming Dynasty Bamboo - Bamboo Flooring - 6' Spice - Engineered Strand Woven - Ming Dynasty Bamboo - Bamboo Flooring

I think our customer Marcus Sorensen said it all in his review:


Fri Aug 31, 2007 10:21 am
Reviewer: Marcus Sorensen (report this)

Holy cow this stuff is hard!! I just ordered a sample so far but it's amazing, I'll end up buying it. I have about ten samples of various bamboo (springwood, lotus land, and Ming, both vertical and horizontal, and this one strand woven) from iFloor, and tested them by dropping a pool ball from 5 feet since there will be a pool table in this room. Though all of the bamboo was harder than the red oak sample I got (via fingernail test), the pool ball left a noticeable dimple in all of the bamboo except for this one. In fact, it's so hard I was wondering if I was going to chip the ball! The red oak I was able to make a fingernail mark in rather easily, the various other bamboos I could with a little effort, but this one bent my fingernail and didn't leave a trace.

Also, it's grain looks a little more like normal hardwood, random and thicker than the other bamboos. I'll have to post another review once I get it installed. - Brazilian Cherry - Exotic Solid Hardwood - Westhollow® Wood - Hardwood Floors - Brazilian Cherry - Exotic Solid Hardwood - Westhollow® Wood - Hardwood Floors: "Brazilian Cherry Westhollow® Wood Exotic Solid Hardwood"

This floor is finally back in stock.

Trying to keep 5" width SOLID Brazilian Cherry from managed forests in stock is nearly impossible.

We have a couple truckloads that just came in and the lucky customers who get the chance to have this are truly experiencing NIRVANA!

Get it while you can. Remember if you pick up at a local store using our regular transfer to the store - the shipping is FREE!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Dual Blog?

Well I added this Blog last week - and uploaded some historical content as well.

Our crack tech team said - hey - maybe we should host that internally? I said sure let's give it a go.

So the "official" blog is at - although I will keep this here as a back up I am not sure I will update it very often.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Acclimation is important for your floors

Before installing new floors sometimes professionals will recommend acclimation of those floors. Firstly, it should be EVERY TIME for almost any floor. Acclimation is good for most building materials since there can be dramatic differences in temparature & humidity between the products' origin and the jobsite.

So especially for hardwood (solid or engineered), bamboo, cork, laminate acclimation of 2-7 days is recommended. Here are my own timing recommendations:

  • Pre-finished solid hardwood 2 Days minimum, 4-7 days preferred.
  • Unfinished solid hardwood 2 Days minimum, 6-7 days preferred.
  • Pre-finished or unfinished engineered hardwood 2 days
  • Solid Bamboo 2 days minimum, 4-7 preferred.
  • Engineered Bamboo 2 days
  • Cork 2 days
  • Laminate 2 days
  • Carpet 1 day if possible (mostly a temperature issue)
  • Tile 1 day if possible
  • Any Radiant Heat jobsites should double the preferred time and the heat must be maintained at constant room temperature the entire time of acclimation AND the flooring should be on a pallett or something not directly on the heated floor.

How you acclimate a floor is as important as the concept itself. Here are my guidelines:

  • Leave the product in the cartons or package. Do NOT open.
  • The product must be in the room(s) that the intended installation will occur in or nearby.
  • The temperature of the jobsite and specifically of the installation area should be normal room temperature.
  • Acclimation CANNOT occur in a garage when the installation is inside the home.
  • The interior Relative Humidity (RH) should be as close to normal as possible.
  • Check the subfloor moisture level and the product moisture level when you start acclimation. Inexpensive Wood Meter
  • Prior to installation check the moisture levels again on the subfloor and product to make sure that the original differences are closing in on each other.
  • Do not have a non-heated jobsite put the floor in the room, install it; then tape and texture walls (which adds massive humidity) and then turn on the heater. Your floor will fail.

The whole point of acclimation is to normalize the moisture levels between the product and the subfloor/jobsite as much as possible. Humidity is everywhere is is changing constantly. Your interior humidity is also always changing especially as you run heat or air conditioning.

Despite all of these words the concept is simple: Get the product into the rooms that they will be installed in a couple days or a bit longer for best results.

BTW - There are exceptions to every rule, Kahrs for example doesn't require acclimation time, however, I would still recommend having "normal living conditions" inside the installation area.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Vodoo about Bamboo

I have said for years that bamboo is a great product, but not all bamboo is created equal.

I just talked to a customer that was totally oversold about what bamboo can do by some flooring simpleton who said whatever they needed to say to get the sale.

How does that guy sleep at night? He told the customer that the floor wouldn't dent or scratch despite them having a 70 pound german shepard.

In the future I will discuss proper expectations for your flooring when you have pets. (Especially big dogs!)

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Cork Flooring - Click Together or Glue Down

Cork flooring has been growing in popularity and for several good reasons:

            • The aesthetics are unique and beautiful
            • It is a green or earth friendly flooring option
            • It has flexible installation options including floating and glue down.
            • Now more than ever it is priced right and available.

Customers often ask where can I use a cork floor and the answer is that you can use it almost anywhere.

I personally don't recommend it for bathrooms or laundry rooms, but it can be tough enough to withstand kitchen, dining room, living room and other primary living areas normal usage.

There are more and more cork options out there which on one hand is very good, but it can make it tougher to tell the difference between quality levels. I find that even experts in flooring, architects, designers and contractors still are hard pressed to visually detect differences between similar looking flooring options including cork.

Long story short - cork is cool and it can be very tough too, but let's be clear - it does require maintenance. The surface that is applied to cork generally allows for additional applications or coats of finish to be applied in the future which can increase the lifespan of your cork floor.

RECOMMENDED READING: Is that a Cork on your Fork? (yes a thinly veiled reference to the movie Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.)